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Monday, June 29, 2015

Where Have I been

Black and White Outfit of the Day

My new favorite shirt from Kingston's Music 

The Perfect School day attire

Did a 4 mile Run last weekend I didn't win but i had a lot of fun

Absolutely love my purple hair.

Hello my love bunnies and Angel wings its been a while and you must be wondering what has happened to me. Some of you would have already known that I was working on my second blog which is where you will find me most of the time. I have built up a loyal following of amazing people and now I'm ready to take everyone who wants to come on new adventure,  my new blog ThisClassicStyle.Com is going to be all that and more. All my  current obsessions will be there, Im currently in a interior decorating class so expect a lot of interior inspirations, art, music and of course fashion. So I haven't gone anywhere babies just switching on to the next one. I hope you will come on this new journey with me and have some fun.  A lot of you were asking about that black shirt I wore a few days ago, go ahead and purchase it HERE and you get a free iTunes download also, how cool is that.

xoxox Lauren


LivGlam said...
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LivGlam said...

That first tshirt is hot Lauren

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