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Friday, June 5, 2015

Yoga Socks, Festivals & the People I love

I think it's important to reflect on what has been happening in our lives.  This year has been extremely emotional for me, good and bad but mostly good.  Some things will never be the same a lot of changes have happened and changes are still happening, thats the game of life.  I went to a music and food festival recently it was such a wonderful day, it was so simple and laid back I haven't been this calm, well ever really.

Ive been doing a lot of Yoga I tweeted about these PurSabino Yoga Socks I received a couple weeks ago.  I got them off of Amazon at a discounted price and I love them.  I've been using them for a couple weeks now since I got them and they have made a big difference.  Most times I do Yoga and I'm slipping and sliding all over the place, even on my yoga mat, and these didn't completely prevent my many falls, but they helped a lot with me slipping in certain positions.  If you're a yoga person or just need some extra grip for when you work out at home I recommend these.  It's the best way to prevent injury especially for us non professionals.  Click here for a discount on Pursabino Yoga Socks

I hope everyone had a fantastic week, it's the weekend lets breath in and breath out and let go of all that stress.

xoxoxo Lauren O Lauren

White Tank - Forever 21
Black maxi skirt - Boohoo
Leather Chain cross body bag - Good Will
Statement Necklace - Boohoo
Pursabino Yoga Socks - Here

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