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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Simple Statement Dress - School Approved

This Ida Beaded Necklace dress is everything I have ever wanted in a maxi dress, it makes getting dressed for school literally effortless. You wake up late you've got 20 minutes to throw your clothes on and get out, and this dress will save the day. Put your hair in a top bun, slick it back or let it go wild and no one will know you woke up late.  As I said in Yesterdays blog my looks this week are all looks I wore to school last week, and they are all coming from Boohoo.com. This look I recreated for you guys because I didn't have enough time to take a picture of it, this dress is perfect for just about everything you can get it in two different colors  Available HERE.Just don't be surprised when you see me in this dress again, Im wearing the Ida Beaded Necklace maxi dress in small. Do you guys love this look comment down below.


Kerah Bryant said...

Im a dress lover and I absolutely love that dress!!! Now Im searching the entire site. Thanks for posting


Love it!

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