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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Best Time to go Swimsuit Shopping is NOW

The best time to buy swimsuits is when Summer is on her way out, thats when all the sales come out and stores are getting ready for Fall.  I know you guys think I have abandoned this site and have submerged myself into The Classic Style but that is not true. This week Im ready to prove it, I got the opportunity to work with an awesome swimsuit brand called Coco Rave Swim, they have several different brands, and throughout this week I'll be showcasing a different suit.
This first piece is my absolute favorite, though I wish I had gotten it in a size smaller, I believe I'm wearing a size 6 here when I really needed a 4 but other than that its perfect, the straps are just a bit long I might stitch them up next time.  The piece I'm wearing is the City Slick V-Neck Available Here.
I love the quality definitely one of those pieces you will have forever,  every woman NEEDS a statement one piece swimsuit in her closet. There is something so sexy about a gorgeous woman in a one piece that fits. This piece also comes in three different colors,  I love the mesh detailing on this piece, child I live for details you know that right. My necklace is from Boohoo.com you guys know Im obsessed with them.

Be sure to check out their website and I have a coupon code for you guys it expires on September 9th, so run over there and get you some stuff - Coupon Code - "laurenolauren10"

Remember the best time to buy swimwear is NOW!! Have a great day everyone.

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