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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We can be the Generation to End Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is not a joke, it's a very serious thing and it's not just women who get breast cancer men get it too. October is breast cancer awareness month and I think it's important that everyone does their part to stay aware and spread awareness.  Breast cancer research is extremely important when Beach House Swim, reached out to me to spread the word about their collection, aimed at helping to raise money for the cause of course I said yes.  They have teamed up with Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), to help. They have designed a couple special bathing suits for women of all ages and sizes, in which part proceeds will go towards this very important cause.

The Piece Im wearing is available Here, it's a very modest piece and very different from every other pair of swimsuits I own.  Its a full cover suit for women who like to be a bit more covered, or I find these perfect when you're going on a family vacation with extended family. I always feel inappropriate around my husband's family in my teeny tiny bikini's,  I tied the front of it into a knot just to show the versatility of these pieces even if you don't want to be so covered up. I love the way the bottoms fit and provide a nice coverage for my derriere without completely hiding it, Im wearing a size six in both pieces. Check out Beach House Swim they have many different swim brands under their umbrella and you are sure to find something you like.

Most importantly the message I want to get across today is, if you've never had a breast examination I urge you to go get one, early detection can sometimes do more for you than a cure ever will.  Have a great day.

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