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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Your Inner Body Challenge - Introduction

Is it just me or does everyone on Instagram have abs?  Every other girl on my timeline has a killer ass, nice legs and perfect hair.  LOL before you say anything, yes I am fully aware its social media.  That is not the point of this blog, this is actually a challenge I'm starting, because we all could use a little help with being healthier and eating better.
The best way to do this is in a community so this is an introductory blog post to see just how many of you out there want to start this journey with me.  I will be posting exercise workouts, talking with different people who have been down this road before and showing you guys how to meal prep, and proportion your food the right way, with no starving.

The first thing and the only thing you will do this week is cut out alcohol, this isn't permanent and its not a big deal.  For those of us who go out all the time or as I like to call it turn up a lot, and find ourselves drinking every single time. You will notice some of you have stubborn excess  fat around your middle.  Cutting out alcohol won't make it go away completely but it will make a big difference.  If you're a fast food addict like me, tell yourself no fast food for seven days. That's all we're doing this week. 
I joined this new app called Cody, where I look at other peoples progress and do works on the app. You can search for me - "Laure Dionne".  Lets get fit together, for real this time 

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