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Monday, July 14, 2014

Claires No bake Mini Cheese Cake niceness

1 ( or 8 oz ) Package Cream Cheese ( Softened )
1 ( or 14 oz ) can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/3 cup Lemon Juice
1 TSP Vanilla Extract
Choice of Graham Cracker Crust

Hey everyone so since cooking has become my new favorite hobby I thought I should post some of my favorite recipes from time to time on here, sharing is caring right lol. 
One of my favorite Youtubers Claire posted this video on her channel with this recipe and I gave it a shot this past weekend and let me tell you everyone loved it. The next time I try it I might play with 

the ingredients a bit add some stuff and take some stuff away, like I probably won't use an entire 14oz  can of condense milk I find it was way too sweet for me, I would use half the can.

 Ok so here's how it works put everything in a bowl mix all the ingredients together, I used my electronic mixer  to get it to a nice consistency but you don't have to. After that you want to go ahead and put your pie crusts in the oven for five minutes, put some egg white on them so they can get nice and brown. (depending on which crust you use the preparation instructions will be on the packaging, I used the Keebler mini pie crusts)

After you've done that spoon out the mixture into your prepped pie crusts, put them in the fridge for a little so they can harden a bit. (I put mine in for an hour,  I was rushing through the door I didn't have any more time) Then put some fruit on top of them and serve, fruit is optional of course.

This literally takes 10 minutes to make, and they are so yummy.

Have a great week everyone, if you have any cool recipes you think I should try send them to me I would love to try them :)

xoxo Lauren O Lauren. 

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