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Friday, July 25, 2014

Goth Denim Princess

Hat - Oversized Fedora, Forever 21
Belt - H&M
Dress - All Over Denim from Everything Mahogany  Purchase my Dress HERE NOW!!!!
Boots - Military Store 
Tights - A random store in Jamaica

I am officially obsessed with the online store EVERYTHING MAHOGANY!!!!! Every time I go unto their website I see everything I WANT!!!! EVERYTHING. They just added some new pieces

 and oh my GAD!!!! I need it all, I know I'm getting overly excited but it is my favorite online store, Im gonna get a discount code for you guys before the end of next week. 

So I was going for a gothic yet trendy look and I've had these tights for years and they've held up pretty well over time, and of course I don't go anywhere these days without my favorite hat.

When I want to play with my look an escape my ordinary I always opt for something ridiculous, and pair them together but I always choose black and basic colors to be safe.

Have an amazing FRIDAY GUYS I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

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