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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Style Chat with Najeary Bennett - The White button up.

Hat - H&M
Shirt - House of Jade
Ring - Flea Market
Black Bracelet - His design (coming soon)

The simpler the man is, the sexier he appears - said some Great Wise Woman.

Yes guys; a nice job, a good relationship with your mother or your ride is cute & all BUT, a slick wardrobe says a lot. (We see you before you open your mouth - for a lot of you guys) 

at least. The White Oxford button down shirt is the epitome of preppy & simplicity.

Brunch with the colleagues/bros, dinner with the the love one or even a formal setting with the family - the White  Oxford shirt is staple/essential garment which is versatile & easily styled with basically anything for different settings.

The Uniqlo - slim fitted, nice pocket for your sunglasses or holding a business card from the girl you ran into at a mixer.

The Jack Spade - you want to keep it a little more subtle for a formal setting or Friday at the office?

Thomas Mason (for J Crew) - casual, slim fit shirt which is easy grab for the more laid back day/event.

Guys (ladies who shops for your man) we know a nice leather belt (black & brown) is key, so is a pair of loafers/Oxford shoe, converse, or even a simple black shoe is essential also black & blue jeans & some colored summer shorts. Simplicity is the new FUSS. Coordinate your attire with this basic item 'White Oxford shirt' and represent yourself with class & style.

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