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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fashion Blogger Dionne Reid

Meet Dionne Reid a Fashion blogger that came up on my radar a couple months ago, when her sister sent her information in for Fan Feature Tuesdays.  Dionne and I have a couple things in common, number 1 we're both Jamaican and number 2 we have the same name, Dionne is my middle name, bet you didn't know that did you. lol 

Name: Dionne Reid
Age: 25
Location: Cambridge, MA / Montego Bay, Jamaica
Blog: www.need4reid.com
IG: @need4reid

Lauren - "How often do you go shopping"?

Dionne- "2 or three items every other month; depends on what the budget allows"

Lauren - "Do you opt for designer labels or lower end stores what are your shopping rules"

Dionne -  "After carefully evaluating my wardrobe I realized how much money was wasted buying cheap clothes with cheap fabrics.So now,  I tend to shop based on quality of an item, which makes me very picky in lower-end stores. I do find some things that work for me though! Generally, I would rather pay more and get more wears, than less for something that will be destroyed after 10 washes, which means I end up waiting for sales or I go thrifting for midrange and high end things that people give away"

Lauren - " You're number 1rule for wearing bold pieces"?

Dionne - "TRY EVERYTHING! Never shy away from wearing bold pieces. You may find something unexpected that's just made for you. Not only that, but they're FUN! Plus, talking gets tiring and there is no better way to make a statement without having to say a word"

Lauren - "Thank You so much hon, it was good talking to you"

Dionne - " This was fun! Thanks Lauren"

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