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Thursday, March 19, 2015

ELVA: The Jamaican funny girl talks living life her way.

Elva Ruddock, Jamaican Comedian 

A lot of Jamaicans, most by now - know who Elva is or have seen or heard of her. The name has been on the comedy/television scene for a while. If there is one thing I'm sure of Jamaicans love to laugh.  A huge personality, dynamite smile, witty punchlines while being innocently comedic, we just can't get enough of her. Whether it was seeing her in commercials, hosting events, listening to her on the radio or just wondering around "Bashco" with a camera crew. I wanted to know her secret and why does she seem like she's having way more fun than all of us? I was beyond excited when she agreed to my interview.Brace for a little laugh while finding something to inspire you.....

Lauren: We all know Elva we see her on our televisions telling us where to go for the best deals, we see you hosting shows, doing stand up and hear you on the radio. If I were to ask you who is Elva what would you say?
Elva: Elva is the second of four children born to Ruby and Charles Ruddock raised in Rollington Town and escaped to Portmore when the place got hot. A rebel from birth always been "different" and never questioned it. Never met a stage I didn't want to be on and as soon as two or more of my mom's friends were at the house, an impromptu performance was coming followed by a "buss ass" for being "nuff". I've always been a leader not a follower, I was the bully growing up if I wasn't happy no one else was. I was born with the gift of gab always convincing  and charismatic so people are naturally drawn to me but I'm a loner by choice and Jamaican to the bone.

Lauren: How did you get started in the business did you always want to be in comedy or did all roads lead to here?
Elva: I did drama in high school but it required discipline and my natural rebellion against following rules and guidelines caused some issues. Writers and directors have sought me for years but once i turn up questioning the lines and the characters, they would always say "we'll call you".
Comedy was natural, my entire family is comedic laughter helped us growing up, I didn't know I was poor until I became an adult. Jokes would get me out of trouble, I gave jokes for free until 2005 when Claudette Pious couldn't attend The Caribbean Comedy Festival to represent Jamaica and Blakka Ellis and I went instead. I never did stand up before but  wasn't afraid and 15 minutes after my set, I got a loud applause in Howard University auditorium and US$500. My decision was made i was going to make money by doing what comes naturally.

Lauren: You are hilarious on twitter, at the same time you speak your mind. What allows you to be so free spirited?
Elva:  When I was a wee tot my older sister said something to me that made me Knew, I was never afraid of people but I was afraid of dogs. So when my mom would send me to the shop I would always beg her to come with me, until one day she said to me " A you one born enuh" and a light bulb went off in my head.  As for speaking my mind that was a birth thing got me in tons of trouble with my parents, teachers, and employers. I tried for a while to control it, especially at the workplace because corporate JA values hypocrisy but once I broke free from the rat race........... tadaaaaaa Im back BITCHES!!!!

Lauren: How do you deal with negativity and stress?
Elva: I submit to the man upstairs and blindly move on, and if you think about all the things that have caused you major stress in the past, the kind of stress you thought you could never live down or overcome, you're last breath this is it yuh dead now...... aren't you still here?

Lauren: As women we are afraid of aging, scared of getting older, how do you feel about aging.
Elva: Oh Lawks I would do some lifts if I had the money because gravity has been unkind and I don't feel the age reflected on my birth paper (don't ask). Im not afraid of getting older there are things I'm more comfortable with saying and doing now that I want before, so aging is not my problem looking like a "Suck out bag juice" or like I did three world wars is my problem. But I'm not obsessed with it, I participated in my youth to the max.

Elva in High school

Lauren: Are you single and whats the ideal man for you?
Elva: Single by choice tried doing the relationship thing and woke up one day and realize is not for me. I enjoy romance but the reality is romance has to make way for reality, you can't have candle light dinners every singe night. My ideal man is smart, financially independent, witty and huge romantic/ He must live on another continent because my space is "mucho importante". he should also be non judgmental.

Lauren: If you got stuck in a weird city and you could only bring two change of clothes with you what would you bring?
Elva: Well as a nudist I usually pack light but my day outfit would be jeans, sneakers and shirt for daytime hustling, and outfit two would be a camouflage jacket, boots and black cargo pants for night. (did you mention if the place was weird or not?)

Lauren: If you ad an alter ego tell us about him/her and what would their twitter bio be.
Elva: My alter ego is Elva the Terrible, mercenary crime fighter she disciplines unruly politicians and corrupt police.  Persons who molest children are not safe either, I would swift and the punishment would suit the crime. My twitter bio would be:

Elva the Terrible
Dm me if someone fuck with thee....

Lauren: List a few of your addictions right now.
Elva: Tastee meatloaf, chocolate, papaya, going to the beach at night and tweeting.

Lauren: Finally what is your philosophy, whats one advise you would give to someone who does not yet know what they want to do with their life.
Elva: Do what comes naturally and feels right, be yourself no matter what. If you're going to feel bad or guilty after you've done something, don't do it. Life is easy don't complicate it.  Don't make excuses for your family or your life the people who love you don't mind, and most importantly if you have to force it, relationships, friendships, farts or ponytails just stop.

 Catch up with Elva on Twitter

Elva On Facebook

Elva with Grammy winner & six time nominated artist Shaggy

Elva performing on stage with fellow comedian Johnny 



Pictures Courtesy of Google and Elva Ruddock, we apologize if some of the images appear low quality.


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Unknown said...

I know her for years,my condolences to the family and friends, rest in peace my dear

Unknown said...

I am close to her sister who simply adores her. She was a wonderful woman. Rest in peace.

Richard Bailey said...

Elva supported me and my business more than anyone of my friends. She had a heart as big as a skyscraper and as good as gold. I will miss you and your crazy humor and antics. Condolences to Quacky and the entire Ruddock clan. May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

Unknown said...

She did live her life to the fullest,did'nt meet her in person but was captivated by her on Bashco,rest in peace sis

AngelK said...

R.i.p to a wonderful soulšŸ˜¢

Unknown said...

R.I.P Elva. You'll be truly missed.

Unknown said...

Rip Elva

Unknown said...

RIP Elva

Unknown said...

Rest in peace Elva, I will remember your fun personality,always laughing, always positive. That man upstairs is waiting with arms open wide.

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