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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Flannel and Leather.

Happy St. Patricks day to whom it may concern.  I've become a bit obsessed with flannel shirts and all things leather like.  I was never into leather I always found it hard to wear, but about a month ago I just woke up one morning and decided yes lets do leather.  Even though I'm a bit late jumping on this leather wagon, just expect to see me using it from time to time.

It was snowing the day I took these pictures which was right before I left for vacation actually this is the day of.  I hardly wear a jacket I can't be bothered half the time so I'm always running from the car into the building like a mad woman.  What I like about this look is anyone can pull it off regardless of their size and age, I try to keep it simple most of the time.  Im just wearing an oversized mens shirt that I picked up in Walmart for $15 and the pants are from BCBG, my boots were thrifted months ago  they are genuine leather and I only paid $20 for them brand new, can't beat that can you.

I don't believe that Fashion has to be expensive at all, you can still look fabulous without putting your bank account into negative.  Have a great week everyone.

xoxo Lauren O Lauren

Heavy Snow and Dear in my backyard. 

1 comment:

WhinPooh Wong said...

That hair is giving me life without parole 😀

Love the outfit, love the oversize boyfriend shirt and leather is always a closet staple.

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