Just an Island girl, standing in front of my closet wondering what to wear today.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sun, Sand, Oceans and Peace of Mind

Just a Island Girl  playing in the water.

I can't put this Book by Dian Von Furstenberg down 

How beautiful is this sunset though.

Dim Sum is my absolute favorite thing in the world 

I had to take a break from my everyday weather, I was about to freeze to death it was so glum and sad outside, snow everywhere I couldn't take it another day. So we planned a last minute trip purely so I could follow the sun, lol. It's Spring Break and though I'm certainly not a spring breaker, I'm definitely enjoying all the activities even though I wish the beaches weren't so crowded. Ive been being a beach bum doing lots of online shopping in my hotel room reading and thinking.

Im just allowing my mind to go deep inside itself and rediscover things that I left there. It's good for us to sometimes just do nothing, nothing at all let your minds wonder and think put technology on pause turn off the tv and allow yourself to be bored. That's what we need more than anything else right now is time to ourselves, we've all become little busy bodies and being busy isn't always good thing especially when you're just occupying yourself with unnecessary things.

Sorry I haven't put a post up in a while but I do have Part 3 of my change your life series on youtube up now Click here to watch.

Have a great weekend everyone are you ready fro Spring because it's coming.


WhinPooh Wong said...

You're making me jealous especially that today for me is one of those bleak and drab day.

Lauren TalkBeauty said...

hahahahaha, the weather has been getting a little better though i hope it doesn't snow again

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