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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

No Makeup Errand Days

You know those days when you're lounging about the house and then you realize you have errands to run, so you roll out of bed and throw something on real quick so you can beat the lunch time traffic? Well that was me yesterday, I was lounging about in these socks I received from "Orange Beld" a Vegas based company who makes men and women's socks.  The idea behind Orange Beld is pretty unique where instead of the usual pair of two socks you get a "pair" made up of three socks, yes I just said that.  Three socks with the same color scheme but different patterns for you to mix and match and its actually quite brilliant.  I'm actually wearing the men's pair right now and I like men's socks don't judge me.  I just threw on a maxi skirt, a shirt, and a hat, cause this was a absolutely no makeup day, and paired my socks with these booties I got a couple months back.  I didn't expect it but several people actually said to me "Hey nice socks"
Check out their website not all the socks mismatch they have regular matching pairs also, the quality is decent too I wore them all day Check out Orange Beld Here

Outfit Details
Top - Target 
Skirt - Here
Socks - Here
Shoes - Here
Hat - here

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