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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Vintage One piece from Coco Rave Swim

Here I am again my loves with another winner from my latest swimwear obsession Coco Rave Swim, I find myself always on their website now looking at all their designs.  This Swimsuit has me feeling like I'm in a remake for that 70's show and its PERFECT. The fit of this swimsuit is what makes it great.  I don't have a long torso I think my torso is normal or short, one of them not too sure.
I have always wanted a strapless one piece but worried about the fit, Im wearing the forever young girls blinded bandeau one piece bikini Available Here. They have tons more designs for all age groups too so check them out, remember this is the best time to buy that bikini for your upcoming Winter Vacation to some sunny tropical island in the Caribbean *wink wink*. Use the code - laurenolauren10 for an awesome discount.

See you in my next post love bunnies

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