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Monday, April 21, 2014

Good old Fashion Denim shirts

Denim Shirt - Debs Department store
Shorts - Zara
Shoes - Debs department store

I Love denim, and I think its compulsory for everybody's closet, whether your male or female.   

This is true no matter where you live or what the climate may be, because denim is a closet essential that always works.  My mother was a denim freak and 

 I think some how she passed it down to me.  So for a regular night out I wore a denim button down with these Zara shorts that one of my lovely Instagram followers gave me.  She is also a fashionista and gave them to me last year with a ton of other cute stuff, which I love and thank her so much!  The finish for my look were these strappy shoes that are very trendy right now and I love them, they are perfect to wear with anything.

xoxoxo Love Lauren, see you in my next post.

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