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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Carnival 2015, Here are some tips if you're Jumping this Year!!!!

Me In Trinidad Carnival 2012

If you are from the Caribbean then you already know after the New Year it's time to get ready for CARNIVAL!!!!!  Over time you read the word CARNIVAL and you gotta say it out loud trust me it will get you in the right mood.  I am what you would call a "Carnival Tete,"
since I was a little girl growing up in the country I would watch the carnival parade every year dying to be apart of the mass. (Mass used in this way means apart of the carnival festivities).  I have always been a fan of soca music- the music is so refreshing, so happy and jovial, it really puts me in a good mood.  So once I moved to Kingston, Bacchanal was something I heavily participated in every year and the first year I was not apart of it was last year, when I had just relocated to the US, but we will be reunited again.

I decided to put together some tips for anyone planning to jump in CARNIVAL, be it this year or whenever, in Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, or wherever the Soca Music carries you, just go.

Me Jumping in Jamaica Carnival 2009

Lauren's Carnival Survival Tips

#1 - If you're jumping in Carnival chances are you've already made the necessary arrangements and have your costume sorted out, so lets assume you do.  Prepare for the big day by starting a work out regime to build your stamina.  Carnival is a very physical activity and only the fit will survive, you want to be able to keep up and not quit right after lunch time like a lot of people who aren't physically fit do.

#2 - It's always about Good Vibes, one of the things about Carnival especially in Trinidad is no one is a stranger, at any moment someone could start wining on you, don't be a party pooper let the Vibe take over and have fun. Trust me everyone is just having a good time and though someone may start dancing with you they aren't necessarily trying to hook up with you. Good Vibes Only.

#3 - Protect your feet, wear comfortable shoes, it is never recommened to wear new shoes you want to make sure the shoes you are wearing have been broken into.  Get gel insoles to protect your knees and your feet, cut your toenails extremely low and a friend of mine recommend getting Gel Toe Protectors to protect those toenails, yes thats a thing. You may wonder why the emphasis on toes but when you start dancing and "Chipping" down the road you'll understand.  (Chipping is slightly similar to a sort of Zombie like march/dance where you are almost dragging your feet forward as oppose to lifting your feet off the ground completely)

#4 - Ladies if you aren't planning to do your own makeup you will want to book your makeup artist from early and get your face done at least two hours before the road march.  You don't want it to come down to wire and you're fussing about to get ready and meet your band.

Jamaica Carnival 2012 me & some friends 

#5 - I can't tell you how easy it is to forget the simple things like arm bands, making sure your cell phone is in a protective & water proof case, because I promise you there will be random spurts of water everywhere.  It might even rain and you don't want to be running from this glorious experience of dancing half naked in the rain because you might destroy your phone.  Also pack a little loose change enough to take a cab home if you get separated from your group and your phone dies. They always tell you not to bring money, but i've noticed bringing a small amount that won't hurt your pocket if you lose it is better than none at all.

#6 - In Trinidad I suggest going to Micles to get special carnival tights to wear with your stockings. You know those tights Beyonce wears under her one piece revealing performance outfits, those ones.  It will make you feel less naked and it will protect you from the over exposure of sun rays, as well as your costume will sit on you better you won't get a bikini wedgie. 

My friend Nicola & I 2011

#7 - Stay Hydrated, trust me eat a good balanced breakfast on the morning of, and make sure you stay hydrated.  It seems like all fun and games and for the most part it is, but don't ignore your bodies' needs, like I said before Carnival is a very physical activity.  Wear shades the sun will be hot so protect your eyes and don't bring too many extra things with you, you want to be free.

#8 - Finally be aware, stay close to the group and don't wander off by yourself.  Yes you're here to have fun and yes there will be security and police all over, but at the end of the day this is the real world.  So be aware, drink and be merry but don't drink too much where you will pass out and wake up in an abandoned basement lol
My Friend Daniel and I at Jamaica Carnival 2013

Rihanna Jumping Carnival in Barbados


A Couple Links to Carnival 

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