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Friday, February 27, 2015

Zoe Kravitz Cool Girl Style

There have been so many times when Zoe Kravitz has slayed my life, and breathed life into my lifeless body.  What happens when your father is Lenny Kravitz and your mother is Lisa Bonnet? I'll tell you what happens you get genetic Royalty and a cool so cool, mean girls all over the world would feel inferior by the sight of your thumb.

There are a number of different reasons why I have suddenly become obsessed with Zoe Kravitz, her style that oozes confidence and attitude that says "I define me", she's also a Sagittarius like ME and we all know how that is.  From bombards, to faux locs, to curly hair, to weave she does it all and she does whatever she pleases, have I already said how much I love this girl.  I find myself listening to all her songs and just obsessing over her cool girl style. 

I find her refreshing everyone else is so trendy and predictable, I find her mysterious and totally in touch with who she is and that's why she's my Fashion Crush.  So go ahead and feast your eyes on these cool images I found on Tumblr.

xoxox Lauren 

Images from Tumblr 

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