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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Life Hacks and Other Things.

some work out gear & a Humidifier from my Mother in Law

What would it take to shift your life into Go? How could you improve on your already awesome life, Improvements is something that should be happening constantly not necessarily all the time but whenever possible. So I decided to share a few things that I have been doing and gathering in the past few weeks to hack my own life. 

Barns & Noble is my Happy Place I picked up a new book and some other goodies this weekend 

Wait till I tell you how this concoction saved my life!!

This Months Birchbox is full of goodies. Thanks Sister In Law :)

Smiles are  contagious 

Hello Love bunnies how are you, I hope you guys enjoyed the last blog entry from Najeary if you're into Grammy Fashion, if you haven't read it yet check it out Here.

So I am currently getting over the flu again, I have been sick twice since the year has started, being sick in the winter is horrible.  But thanks to my amazing mother in law who bought me a humidifier, she's been telling me about it but I didn't really know what it was about and I didn't think it would be able to help with me getting sick all the time.  Boy was I wrong, we've been using it for two nights now and it might just be coincidence but I can breath through my nose again I haven't been able to breath right for over two weeks no matter what I bought from the drugstore. My advise to anyone who is suffering in this weather get yourself a Humidifier it works!!

I also got some 5 pound dumb bells and a waist slimming belt to help with my little DIY home Gym, its coming along. I much prefer working out at home so this works just fine for me, I'll probably get some resistance belts next. I went into Barns and Noble and got "The Woman I want to Be' By DVF herself, I love that woman and I want to start reading more biography from successful people this year, so I'm starting with hers. The best way to be a success is thong around successful people and if you can't hang with them, reading their biographies will do just fine.

Rose Water why have I never discovered you sooner, my skin has just been glowing these past couple weeks, I use rose water to set my makeup and tone my skin and if I'm wearing makeup through out the day I use it to freshen up my face. It is magical and best of all its all natural honey. I use 1/3 rose water with 2/3 water and put that in a spray bottle and voila I'm done!!!. For my extremely dry lips like mine, I have discovered thanks to Huda Beauty. That exfoliating my lips then adding a bit of eye cream to them then your favorite lip balm, I use vaseline makes your lips soft all day long. Talk about  a life savior right!!!!

I also Got my this month's Birch Box which a monthly beauty subscription, i got it for Christmas from my sister in law. I am obsessed with it really. I love sampling beauty products its an awesome way for me to try out new products.

This blog was really long, it was like I couldnt shut up lol, I hope you guys got some ideas though and feel motivated to super charge your life. It's the small things that make a big difference. Trust me. Have a great week.

xoxo Lauren O Lauren.

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