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Monday, January 5, 2015

20 Things you should NOT care about in #2015

Welcome to 2015 my Love Bunnies and Angel Wing Babies!!!! I saw a list on Hub Post and got totally inspired to do my own version. With a new Year comes new habits but also we need to say good bye to old habits and there are a few things I think We should not care about this year!!!!!

Kim K Repeats it!
#1 - Repeating your Clothes on Social Media
Honestly why should you care about this, there your clothes you paid for them, don't allow social Media to dictate your life. Where your clothes as many times as you want, wear the same thing everyday if needs be, this is real life honey.

#2 - Other People's Opinion of you - This year tell yourself you are going to be more confident than a Twitter Troll with no profile picture who talks shit about other people all day, that's how Confident you should be this year. Honey go out there are SERVE!!!!!

#3 - Sign out & Take a Social Media Break.
This is something I did last year for two weeks it was so amazing I removed all my social media accounts from my iPhone for two weeks, I didn't update or check them the entire time. Every now and again you need a break from things you do all the time. It may not seem like a big deal but trust me what we see on Social media affects us, sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way.

#4 - Gossiping and hanging out with gossipers:  We're all guilty of this but there is a big difference between random conversations at the kitchen table about the annoying girl at work, to just constantly talking about other people day in and day out and feeling necessary to spread stories about someone that doesn't even make sense.

#5 -  People who honest to God Hate Celebrities who don't even know they exist, please people this year lets grow up. Go hate your parents or something.

#6 - LIKES!!!! - Oh my God I found out last week that there are people who live and breath for Likes and if a picture doesn't get enough likes they will take it down and repost it in a couple hours. Who cares who likes your pictures if you aren't making any money from these likes??!!!

#7 - Going to all the IT PARTIES : I think after a certain age you just gotta let certain things go, my mom used to say if you're age is no longer on the calendar you should know better. There are 31 days on a calendar if you needed some clarity on that, lol. Even if you're 19 why on God's earth is it necessary to be at every party, that whole attitude is so 2014.

#8 - Being Trendy: Whenever I tell people I don't consider myself to be a trendy person they don't understand, I love fashion and I love stalking the magazines and other style bloggers for all the latest trends, of course I'm a style blogger. However I try to keep my style simple because that's who I am, I see a lot of trends come out that I absolutely adore but I know I would really stupid in them so I don't even try them, remember when hammer pants came back and elaborate peplum tops? I stayed away from those too. I hate when people try too hard to make a fashion statement, its like trying to smile after you had botox.

#9 - Dating: Who even cares if you're single do not go out of your way to fall in love with another person and don't ignore whats in front of you either.

Coco Before and After.

#10 - Comparing your ass to girls with Fake asses, don't do it this year think about it toilets only come in one size.

#11 - Being Embarrassed about loving Reality TV: I am not ashamed I love the ratchets that is reality tv, it makes me feel so good after a long day. We all know it's not real, but it sure is entertaining. 

#13 - Competitive Friends - I hate friends who secretly compete with you, they just feel like they need to be doing everything you're doing and it must be better. Goodness drop those people.

#14 - Kim K Bashers/Haters
Come on people, this need to wake up and hate Kimberly is just soooo unnecessary for one she has no idea who you are, not even a small clue. What you should be focusing on is your own marriage and your own home, your own family and making sure your kids can go to college when their time comes.  I just don't get the need to hate a woman who is obviously doing well in life, come on sisters support, don't hate the player hate the game.

#15 - Wearing foundation all the time, come on you're not a celebrity and thats not good for you skin. This year tell yourself you don't need to wear foundation everyday, even if you have horrible skin, make a move to your dermatologist and work on it from the inside.

#16 - YOUR EX Girl Bye leave that man alone no matter how many times he emails you wanting to be friends. Leave him in 2104.

#17 - Recreating Celebrity Red Carpet Looks,  Please remember you live in the real world and you are not a celebrity you don't always get to participate in the altered version of the universe. 

#18 - People's Orientation like who cares who's Gay, straight, black, white or latino this year everybody gets to be HUMAN!!!!

#19 - Filters and Apps that make you look anything like the person you are in real life, don't get me wrong I love filters. But I've seen people download apps to edit their pictures and then they use a filter. Come on why do you feel you need to smoothen every wrinkle on your face and lighten your complexion, i rarely use filters I love a room filled with light hunty!!!!

#20 - The Jay Z and Beyonce Divorce Rumors,  *YAWN* can we just get over this leave Jay Z and Beyonce alone even if they divorce or not they will still have more money than all of us. Lets leave the Carters alone, why people  love to see celebrity couples break up is beyond, they're gonna divorce and fall right back into the arms of a next man we still can't get.

Well I hope you this list inspires you and lets go get 2015 and own it!!!! Lets GO!!!

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xoxox Lauren O Lauren 

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