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Friday, January 9, 2015

Starting the Year off right, Everything Mahogany's Kim talks Charity

Kim Chambers, owner of online Boutique Everything Mahogany 

My love cookies how are you I hope you're all ok and doing well I've been fighting the flu all week and it has been keeping me down, the weather dropped severely and so I haven't been outside long enough to take pretty pictures for you guys.
But I did get the chance to speak with Kim Chambers from the online boutique Everything Mahogany. I don't have to tell you guys again how obsessed I am with this store. Kim has a lot of things planned for 2015 and she donated all her proceeds this past December to charity. Charity is not something a lot of small businesses do because they think they can't afford it, so Im excited I got a chance to ask Kim a couple questions this week.

Lauren O Lauren -  You've been working on a couple of new projects and I don't want to give anything away. But what can new and old costumers look forward to from EM this year?

Kim Chambers
Kim Chambers - Old and new customers can look forward to EM blossoming into an online boutique that is not confined behind a computer. EM will be very active in the United States and Caribbean hosting local pop up shop events, fashion shows and partnering with local nonprofit organizations to beacon social change. EM will also continue to boost our customer involvement through quarterly giveaways and our annual makeover giveaway.

Lauren O Lauren - This Past December you did something very commendable, you gave all proceeds from your stores purchases went to charity. Talk to us about that what made you do that and why was that important to you.

Kim Chambers - EM is focused on social change, we believe that women need to be empowered and need more services that are geared towards helping women in particularly teenagers. I was motivated to donate the profit from purchases to this organization because I believe that it would be able to touch much more lives than I would be.
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Lauren O Lauren -   Is this something you will be doing every year, how was the response from your costumers?

Kim Chambers - Yes.  EM makeover giveaway will be an annual event, in addition we are now partnering with the Mary Hall Freedom House, Atlanta GA so we will continue to make donations and support this charity to help break the cycle of poverty, addiction and homelessness amongst women.

Lauren O Lauren - How important do you think it is for people to give back, no matter how small?

Kim Chambers - Plato once said, "Any man may easily do harm, but not every man can do good to another” I live by this motto Giving back is essential. It is truly liberating when you are able to help someone other than yourself. No matter the amount of time or amount that is donated to someone, it can impact someone immensely.

Lauren O Lauren -  Give me a recap of what 2014 was like for you and EM?

Kim Chambers - 2014 was truly a gratifying year for EM. We had several fashion shows, outreach programs and our first annual makeover. I am proud of the networking and accomplishments we were able to accomplish in a year. As we celebrated our one year anniversary we were able to gain new following across the world and develop new client relationships.  
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Lauren O Lauren - Share with us two New Years resolutions that you plan to stick to this year.

Kim Chambers - What sets EM apart from other online boutiques is my desire to help women feel confident through clothing. I pride our clothing on making women feel chic, confident and bold.  One goal of EM is to get to know our customers better. Because our boutique is online, there is a lot of fear associated with purchasing clothing that cannot be tried on before purchase. Getting to know my customers and their clothing needs will help me to create strategies to increase their purchase decisions. Another goal for EM to truly focus on what matters to the growth and sustainability of the company.

It's good to know your spending your money with a company that is socially responsible and is doing their part in giving back to our community. Plus it's always good when women look out for other women. Be sure to keep up with everything Mahogany on Instagram Follow them here and you have to check out their website and grab a few pieces Everything Mahogany.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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