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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Move your Body & get Fit in 2015 no Gym trainer needed.

The New Year always comes with Get Fit goals, once you get to an age where you're making New Year resolutions, getting fit is probably going to be one of them.
 One of my biggest issue in the last year has been regulating my eating and going to the Gym, I wasn't able to do any of those.  I was just eating everything, I was eating healthy also but combined with all the junk food in the world too, I hate going to the gym absolutely hate it, I feel self conscious and out of place. Which is a bit odd because when I lived in Jamaica I was an avid Gym rat, I even got a Gym rat badge on foursquare lol.

So this year I said Im taking control of my life lol, in the last two weeks I lost 7 pounds easily just by paying more intense attention to what I eat, and working out at home.  One of our biggest things was eating out so the new rule in my house is that we'll only eat out twice a month, we've cut down on salt big time daily me because I love salty foods. Ive discovered that salt causes the body to retain water and bloats you up, at least three times a week for dinner I use meat substitutes as oppose to cooking with actual meat, cut down all forms of liquids that aren't water I only drink water. 

I haven't stopped eating out, I still do but Im more aware of what I'm eating, I snack on things like oranges and bananas and when I need something sweet I have a baked sweet potato with no toppings. It might be too cold outside for most of warm blooded creatures to go jogging outside so I've included some links to some of my favorite workout videos on Youtube.

This might sound corny, but stay positive and keep yourself inspired, follow fit accounts on Instagram, join online fit communities, and tell yourself this is more than loosing weight this is taking control of your body and your life. I don't drink or smoke because I find that people who do age quicker and I don't like what it does to peoples skin in the long run. As you get older you realize how important it is to take care of your body, you only get one.
Here are my favorite work out videos that I use every day, I mix and match them daily to get the best results :

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