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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years 2015

My love bunnies oh how I love and missed you.  I had the best New Year Ever you will not believe what I did I went bowling!! I know who goes bowling for New Years Eve right, I wanted to do something different and I've done so many parties and events that I really wanted to enter the New
Year doing something different.  Oh My goodness it was so much fun, the entire bowling alley did a count down and there were party hats and champagne, yes at a Bowling alley, I was rolling balls and knocking down pins in my fur coat like a "gangsta" hahaha.

All year I kept saying I wanted to win something before the year ended, everyone thought I was being silly, who plans to win something right. Well last night at the bowling alley I won a Bowling party package for eight people and food, talk about putting what you want into the Universe and it responding eh.

I kept my outfit simple because it was FREEZING last night, I didn't to lose a toe or anything, so I wore all black and dressed it up with my new signature red lipstick and my fur coat I grabbed in Spring. Anyways have a great day everyone.

Outfit Details
Black One Piece American Apparel - Available Here
Black High Waist Jeans - get it here
Fur Jacket - Get it here
Bag - Steve Madden 
Shoes - Forever 21 

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