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Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Current Face Routine

These goodies I picked up from Ulta is currently what Im using on my face.
So it is very important that I switch up my face routine because my skin gets used to products and then after a while the product doesn't work. So I went to Ulta to get this face mask I had seen on Pinterest, it was said that it is very effective and it only cost $5, so of course I was interested.

When I went I decided to try out a few other products from the line, that is spuriously very affordable so I picked up the detox ultra cleaning face mask for $5.99, the Best Face Forward face cleanser for $5.99 and the Picture Perfect Day moisturizer with SPF for $6.99. First let me say I am obsessed with these products they smell so good and lingers on your skin for a while if you aren't wearing makeup, so when you hug somebody they can smell the amazingness coming off your skin. 

The Deep Down Detox burned my skin the first two times I used it, not sure why maybe it was the cleanser I used it with at the time but after that it hasn't burned since, so far so good I absolutely love it I've been using it for two weeks now, they recommend using it three times a week.

The cleanser I give 4 out of 10 stars mainly because I hate the packaging, its suppose to be a foaming cleanser, its very watery so when you open the packaging to get some out, it literally pours out all over the place. Every time I use it I make a mess, I always get way more than I need. All their products are in similar packaging where you open them in a tube like container at the bottom, the hole for the cleanser is probably just too big, it would have been better in bottle with a squeeze down nozzle thats what I think. But none the less its a good cleanser, the  moisturizer is my favorite it has one of my favorite ingredients in it, which is Vitamin C along with Guava, it smells absolutely amazing trust me.

At night after I wash my face I use 100% Almond oil that I purchased at little Middle eastern Market. Almond oil is Magical.

I went to my first Renaissance Festival this weekend and oh my gosh did I have fun, I will be going bak next year totally dressed for it. It's basically a fair, they turn a huge open space into what it would look like in Europe in the 16th Century there are witches, women dressed up as fare maidens, there are knights, kings and queens and Massive turkey legs. I had so much fun I saw this beautiful girl dressed as a Faun.

The Beautiful  Faun, isn't she pretty.

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