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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Birthday Dinner with my Mister

I've always been blessed to have amazing Birthdays never been disappointed no matter what was going on my life, when my birthday rolled around things worked themselves out. Yesterday was no different I still have over 2000 Facebook messages to respond to from friends and strangers wishing me a happy birthday, I like to respond to every single one of them every year I dedicate a day for this and I'll get to it.

I went to dinner last night at an Italian Restaurant that served very small portions, spring water that was bottled in glass only and played lovely instrumental music lol. Theft was really good though Baba got some crispy gnocchi in the best cheese sauce I've ever had like ever and I got some pork business with puree potatoes soooo amazing, our waitress was so nice I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant but I never pay attention to anything but my own reflections in the front screen of my camera sometimes lol.

We accidentally crashed a company Christmas Party last night too, We went to this lounge for drinks afterwards, which we didnt realize was booked for an office party, we were dressed up like everyone else so they let us in, we had a few drinks hoping no one would realize we didnt work there hahahah. I got some birthday goodies and bought the worlds best matt red lipstick in Sephora I cannot wait to tell you about it I'm wearing in on my lips in all these pictures. Im having part 2 of my birthday this weekend, I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the birthday greetings everyone.

xoxox Lauren O Lauren

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