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Monday, December 1, 2014

Getting ready for the holidays & my Drug store favorites

L'oreal True Match in the color Nutbrown

Hello my love bunnies its December 1st, the start of the advent calendar I love this time of year, this is my favorite time of year and on top of it my birthday is in just a couple days, *sigh* the stress of getting older in a very young world. Im learning to cope a lot better with my age these days though. I found a couple treasures that I bought just for the holidays and that I want to share with you.

I purchased the Viviscal hair supplement the pack contains 60 pills and you take two a day after meals, I was really excited to try this because I have been hearing about it through the grapevine and haven't seen it blasted on Instagram yet, even though it's been out for a couple of years. I have no luck with any kind of health product that is advertised on Instagram, trust me I could tell you stories for days. So that I will be trying and I will let you know how it works for me, I also finally bought the L'oreal true match foundation because I was only hearing excellent reviews about this product. Initially I went into Walgreens just to get the powder because I'm not really a foundation person but they were having buy one get one half price so I thought no way I could pass this offer up. I love it the foundation isn't exactly a direct match for me, but thats just because I haven't been outside in the sun for a few days , however the powder Im obsessed with it, it reminds me of the Mac fix C7 powder I use it's perfect and its not bad on coverage for us gals who don't like heavy foundations weighing us down, give it a shot.

L'oreal telescopic mascara is also one of my favorite mascaras of all times, i have tried high end, extremely low end, all kinds of mascaras and it doesn't give me the results that this bad boy gives me. For now it's my Go to mascara.

I also got a few tech goodies, I got some extra Ram for my computer seeing as I use it to do everything, including editing my videos and running over a 100 different programs at once so I was recommended by Allan who works in the Apple store to check Crucial and I got 8GB of Ram for just $81,  I don't even know if thats a good deal or not lol. I also got a new camera for logging since it was a major headache lugging my big DSLR camera around all the time so I saw some good recommendations about the Cannon Powershot Elph series so I dived in. Plus my DSLR is cannon so I wanted to keep everything uniformed. I was recommended Nikkon but I had a bad experience with Nikkon, I don't like their cameras, I don't care how hot Ashton Kutcher looks in their ad. lol

Anyways have an amazing week everyone and remember its world Aids day go out get tested and know your status!!!

xoxoxo Lauren O Lauren

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Najeary Bennett said...

You got a Vlogging cam, SCREAMS!

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