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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Some good ole fashion, Red Flannel on my Birthday!!

I took a walk on the river yesterday with my Baba Bear just taking the city in and freezing almost to death, as I absolutely always refuse to wear a bulky jacket all in the name of not ruining my outfit lol. I wore a flannel shirt and surprisingly they are really warm, I mean it won't help you if you wear it without a jacket but its a nice layering piece. 

It's my birthday today everyone trying to call me at midnight killed my battery and I woke up to a dead phone so don't kill me if you called and my phone was off before 10am. I appreciate all the birthday greetings, I can't believe just how many people took the time to wish me a happy birthday, words cannot express my gratitude. I did a birthday/preparing for new years video on my Youtube Channel so check it out and tell me what you think.

I don't know if I'll be doing anything special today, after a while you're just happy for the simple things, a roof over my head, family, friends and clothes in my closet lol. Have an amazing day everyone

Outfit Details
Red Flannel Shirt - Walmart
White Denim Jeans - Armani 
Hand Bag - H&M

1 comment:

Najeary B said...

Loving this, LOVEEEEE! Happy Birthday you strong black woman (like Tina Knowles) <3

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