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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fashion for Your iPad

IPad Mini Case - Good Will
Hello Kitty Headsets - Ross

 Its so important to keep your tech gadgets protected so imagine my delight when I went into Good Will to get cardboard boxes and saw this cute iPad case from Blu Dot, brand new for only $5.

 I had to get it the case I had on mine before was bulky and not really my style. This was slim, sexy and fresh looking and it has this awesome thing at the back so I can prop it up on my desk and watch videos or have video calls.

I didn't even know I liked the color blue until I opened my iPad and was greeted by this lovely shade of blue. This case is nice and sturdy and I will be looking at more tech protection from this brand.

As it relates to my Hello Kitty Headset, I am obsessed with all things Hello Kitty and got it as a gift, but its perfect when I'm editing videos, or traveling on long road trips or plane rides because of how it covers my ears.

Thanks for stopping by guys, see you in my next post :)

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