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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Short Shorts weather

Necklace - "Ria Nicole"
Tank Top - Forever 21
Shorts - Coochi- Anna's (Kgn, Jamaica)
Shoes - Debs Department Store
Denim Shirt - Debs Department Store
Bracelet - Aldo UK
Watch - Michael Kors

Finally the warm weather seems to be here, lets be honest the weather was tad bit bipolar here in the US these past couple weeks. Yesterday was Memorial Day our neighbors had a cookout with

everyone who lives on our apartment block, unfortunately we were the assholes who left through the backdoor and went to a smaller more intimate cookout elsewhere lol

I decided I wanted to be comfortable, these are my favorite shorts they fit so good they aren't too tight or too short I wish I had a couple more that fit like this. I bought them in Kingston last year from Coochi-Anna's the label on the inside says Vibrant M.I.U. and its a size small.

I used very simple pieces to achieve this look, pieces we all have in our closet every girl has an old tank top, shorts and some flats right. Until next time lots of love to you and yours

xoxox Lauren O Lauren 

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