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Friday, May 23, 2014

Roaring in Fringe - (A Fashion TBT)

Scarf - Online 
Necklace - Black Onyx Stones (Christmas Present 2 yrs ago
Fringe Top - CoochiAnnas (Kingston, Jamaica)
Leggings - Walmart
Boots - Zen Boutique (Kingston, Jamaica)
Purse - Vintage pass down from my older sister

Do Fashion Blogs do Throw Backs? or Nah

 I loved this look it's one of my favorite looks I have ever done.  I was going to a Superbowl party back in February and it was so cold but I refused to wear a jacket over it because I didn't want to ruin the look.

This look had so many key features my fringe top which the entire look is based on, my scarf  and a purse my older sister had when she was in her early twenties and now belongs to me!! 

I will definitely be wearing this top again in a future look, so look for it. Have an amazing weekend love bunnies.

Xoxox Lauren O Lauren

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With Hold said...

The back is adjustable, and it is understandable why it was designed that way. My daughter had a lot of compliments, and her older cousin plans to borrow the dress for a formal event soon.
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