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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May Favorites!!!!! (mostly FOOD)


My Hair - Majestic Hair Company
Pillsbury mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
Country Crock Cinnamon butter 
Chocolate Lucky Charms
Slow Burn EP by Sezi
Taco Bells - Chocolate Taco Dessert Kit
My vitamins!!

Hello everyone so today I'm sharing with you some of my favorite things right now yes I know it's a lot. 

 First let me say I am obsessed with my hair, it gives me life and it's so easy to style, and on top of that the fact that I use no heat at all my natural hair is loving this! Website Link to my Hair Extensions here.

Pillsbury has Mint Chocolate chip cookies for a limited time OH MY GOODNESS!! Have you ever seen anything more awesome and it tastes amazing.  They are already pre-cut into squares so you literally just take them out and put them on your baking sheet. 
Country Crock is the butter I grew up on, as a little girl my mom used to buy the big tubs and I was fascinated with the trademark swirl in the middle, so imagine my amazement when i saw county crock cinnamon in the supermarket and yessssssss it tastes like the butter they have in Heaven!! If you've ever eaten at Texas Roadhouse you can compare this butter to the cinnamon butter they serve you with those warm biscuits when you sit down at your table for the first time.

Lucky Charms is my favorite cereal so obviously Chocolate lucky charms is also going to be my favorite cereal as well *Insert Big Grin Here*

NEW MUSIC!!!!! I have this motto about music if you always listen to the same thing how will you ever experience new music.  Sezi released her EP yesterday and after listening to the samples of all the songs I'm pretty honored that I have had the opportunity to meet this woman.  What an amazing SOUND!!!!!!  You will not regret this and it doesn't hurt you to just listen to the samples and see if you like it.  Just go to iTunes and search Sezi, Slow Burn.

Taco Bells Chocolate tacos dessert kit- I don't have to explain this awesomeness just know the kit comes with chocolate syrup and sprinkles.

My vitamins because it is so important to give your body what it needs, right now I'm actively taking Vitamin C so I  don't get sick, B12 and Biotin for my hair and nails, I actually need to add another vitamin to the list but right now this is what I take everyday.

I hope you guys are having an amazing week, remember I want to feature all of you on my blog so email me your pictures and I'll post them here.  Email pics to Show@laurenolauren.com

xoxox Lauren O Lauren

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