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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Beautiful Women, Fan Features

Sharifa Henry - 21 Yrs old, New York City
Anna- Kae Mcnee - 23 yrs old, Jamaica (@annkae_mcnee on Instagram)
@Ethnic Beauties on Instagram - Toronto, Canada 
@Shantythegem on Instagram - USA
Anna - Kae Mcnee (again)

Hi everyone these were some of my favorite looks from the pictures I was sent last week in my new Fan Feature section. Let me just say I have some pretty DOPE ladies who follow my blog. If you

 want to be featured just go ahead and email your pictures and info to show@laurenolauren.com and look for your pictures every Tuesday.

My favorite things about all the ladies featured above is how confident they are, remember no matter what you're wearing if you're not confident it doesn't matter what you're wearing. Be confident in who you are ladies.

Have a great week thanks to all the beautiful ladies featured above for the lovely pictures,  see you in my next post.

xoxo Lauren O Lauren 

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