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Monday, June 23, 2014

Todays outfit and Inspiration by Kim Chambers. Women like you are being Successful.


Dress - Everything Mahogany
Bag - Vintage (belonged to my older sister)
Bracelets - Aldo

Hey everyone today's Blog is going to be slightly different than what you're used to I am wearing a beautiful dress from the online store Everything Mahogany, where style meats Fashion.  I love this dress the amazing detail and the simplicity of it slays me, Please welcome Kim Chambers. *Insert Claps Here*

Lauren - Ok Kim lets start of with the basics How old are you and where are you from?

Kim - I am 26 years old from Kingston Jamaica, currently residing in Atlanta GA

Lauren -  How would yourself in one or two or even three words. Lol

Kim - Modern, chic.

Lauren - Why did you decide to open an online store and why clothes?

Kim -  I found that there are several online stores around but few who carried quality clothing for all occasions in a woman's life which is work, club and casual. Most online stores focus on only club wear really.

Lauren - What are your prices like can regular women on regular budgets shop from you and what sizes do you mainly cater to?

Kim - A typical piece from me is $45-50USD. I price my clothing at that cost because I believe that all women should be able to purchase a quality piece without having to ‘break the bank’. It’s hard to walk in any department store, boutique or online store and find unique pieces which are not only trendy but are of good quality. The sizes I carry are from S-2X (plus sizes on select pieces)

Lauren - The pieces in your store do they reflect your personal style?

Kim - Very much so. I’m an island girl, so comfort is key. My pieces are comfortable, yet form fitting to accentuate your curves and make you feel feminine yet stylish.

Lauren - How important do you think it is for women especially, to be able to afford the things we like: for example clothes, Accessories, makeup and all the things that we obsess over. 

Kim - It is critical for women to be able to afford the things we like. Femininity is important to help boost a woman’s confidence and make her feel beautiful. I strategically price my unique pieces so every diva who shops EM can feel like she spent her money well on a valuable item.

Lauren - What’s one lesson you have learned the hard way, since becoming your own boss.

Kim - One lesson I have learned, is that there are no days off.

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