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Thursday, June 5, 2014


Crop Top & Shorts - MADE BY ME!!!
Fabric - Walmart
Zips - Walmart
Needle, thread, Fabric scissors & common pins - Michaels

Guys!! Can you believe it I sewed this thing myself!!! So I have been feeling very DIY lately making all kinds of things, initially I went to buy Fabric to make two cushions and an apron. I have been

 looking every where for a high waist shorts and crop top set but I couldn't find the right one, when I saw this fabric in Walmart I fell in love with the Sunflowers  it was just so "Summer Time" so I thought, hey I did needle work in high school I wasn't amazing at it, but I knew a few stuff. I wish I had paid attention more in that class and not take it for granted though I'll tell you that much.

I used a pair of shorts I had before and basically just looked at it and saw how it was put together and copied what I saw, I didn't get the measurements right but this was my first time attempting anything like this and I sewed it by hand because I don't have a sewing machine. So my next attempt should be better and I will do a detailed DIY for you guys.

I have learnt while doing this though that the best way to do it is to draw the pattern on paper first, then put the pattern on the fabric and cut  along it.

So stay tuned for a more detailed DIY coming up, as I learn I'll definitely share with you guys. 

xoxo Lauren O Lauren

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