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Friday, June 13, 2014

#GIRLBOSS is an awesome read!!!

Bag - H&M
Book - Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso
Magazine - Fast Company

Ok so my friend Carlington was kind enough to give me this book after I begged him over and over again for it.  Within the first three or four pages I was about to give up on it as another rich person writing about how they became successful through hard work, and the usual trial and error stories we've all heard a million times.

But then the book flipped on me and the story changed, here is a super successful person telling us that she used to eat food from the garbage and used to steal from stores.  She was so raw and real it makes me feel like hey maybe I could be a brilliant success one day.  I have not finished reading this book but I'm half way through it and trust me it keeps getting better.  If you're one of those women who are on the road to becoming successful then go pick up this book.

Next great find is this magazine that I have in my possession totally by accident.  It's not a fashion magazine, I don't really read a lot of those anymore, only every now and again.  This magazine has useful information about start up companies, creative people, inspiring celebs who are making serious changes, and all the other good stuff I love.

And my bag this week is this cute little thing I picked up in H&M that fits my phone, wallet, lip stick and my hand lotion, perfect for my on the go lifestyle.

xoxox  Lauren O Lauren

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