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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fan Feature Heats Up this week, it's all about angles honey, ANGLES!

This week's features 
Brittanis Martin - Instagram @theunshackledmom - Florida
Kaydeane Thompson- Instagram @Kayemuir - Jamaica
Dionne Reid - Instagram @Need4reid  - USA
Javy - Instagram @Javy_Hakunamatata - Jamaica
Shanty - Instagram @shantythegem - Jersey

I am obsessed with this week's submission everybody is soooo fabulous so let me tell you what I love

 about each submission this week. First of all thank you to everyone who put out the effort to submit, What I like about Brittanis's look is the easy going feel and look of it and the colors are just amazing on her tone, the body chain adds a subtleness that completes the entire look. The outfit is from Style Savvy Jamaica.

Outfit number on Kaydeane is just so lady like and classy but with a touch of fun, I love how she color blocked without trying to hard but the winning piece for me is her blazer and pixie haircut, How fabulous are my Jamaican followers. 

Outfit number three Dionne Reid is actually an amazing stylista and you guys should check out her Instagram page, it takes a special kind of woman to rock a hat and make it work without drawing too much attention to herself. I love this all black ensemble and I will definitely be copying this look. Its a nice clean look but to break it up she adds a solid single gold chain, how fabulous is she.

Javy is so stylish and he's definitely going to be seen on my blog again, I love the simpleness of the outfit but the addition of the blazer brings it to a whole other level and it turned a rather regular outfit into something a rockstar would wear. I LOVE THIS!! A guy who can put himself together without doing too much wins every time.

Shanty with her old Hollywood curls and skater dress is a classic example of fusing two different eras together, and making it work for your everyday looks. Very appropriate, very lady like and yet still very modern.

See you guys next week right here in Fan Features

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