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Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanks Giving Shenanigans

Me taking the finished produced of my Berry Pie out of the oven.

Yesterday America celebrated Thanks Giving and I got into the spirit of things because I love Holidays, this wasn't my first Thanks Giving but it was my first time having Thanks Giving with my in-laws.
 I made a couple of my speciality dishes to carry to the celebration. I pre cooked and pre prepared most of the things from the night before so things would be easier for me the next day, I made the crust for my famous berry pie from the night before and put in cling wrap in the fridge to set it, then an hour later I rolled it out with my rolling pin, made the pie filling from fresh berries and put that in the fridge over night.  I made my infamous baked macaroni and cheese along with my Moms potato and egg salad, one of my favorites.

That morning when I got up I was wearing a cute little outfit that ended up getting messy so I had to change last minute into Outfit plan B, lol. Even with the outfit change  was a pretty awesome day.

Scroll to the very end of the Blog for outfit details.

After spending a night in the fridge, all that was left for me to do was pop this in the oven for an hour on 375.

Making my mom's famous potato salad.

My adorable outfit number one that got ruined by sauce.

Outfit Number 2, just in time was just in time for my finished pie.

Carving up the Turkey for serving.
peeling eggs, last minute food preps.

An island of Food and say hello to Zoey the Puppy!!

First plate at the Table was Baba's ! lol

Outfit Details 
Outfit Number 1
White Top - Forever 21
Blue Skirt - A converted Dress from Mango
Stockings - Walgreens
Nude Pumps - Aldo

Outfit Number 2
Sweater - Coochi Annas (Kgn, Jamaica)
Jeans - H&M
Watch - Coach


AshSlay said...

I'm sure expected to get messed up. Lololo. Love outfit number 2. Not to mention those yummy looking food ����������

Lauren TalkBeauty said...

hahahahahah I know I was so pissed, thanks honey pie!!!!!!

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