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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Very Special Giveaway from Memeoirs - ENTER NOW!!!

My love Bunnies, Panda Bears and Angel Wings I have a very special surprise for you today!!!!! 
 Im so excited about this. Listen everyone communicates by cell phone maybe you’re sister is in College and you guys talk on Whatsapp all the time, or you’re one of the many people who have a long distance relationship, it’s time to give your conversations the attention they deserve.

 Memeoirs is launching their brand new WhatsApp Coffee table book on April 7 (TODAY) and they will be giving one away to one of my FOLLOWERS!!!! Yes you reading this right  could win a coffee table book with all your treasured conversations in it and pictures.

How Awesome is that and all you have to do my little bunnies is comment on this Blog, tweet me, Pinterest me lol & please feel free to use the hashtag #Memeoirs on Instagram or Pinterest wherever you want to as long as I’m able to see it. Just tell me what conversation would you print using Memeoirs. Yup thats all you have to do, if you want o know more about Memeoirs you can visit their website, I will be choosing a winner on April 14th.  If you have loved ones who you email or talk to all the time, these books make beautiful memories. Here is a link to a blog on what to consider when turning your conversations into Memeoirs - Click Here and feel free to check out their Website here.

Good Luck 


Rieka said...

I never close Whatsapp conversations. Ever! I've always felt like I was losing something special—a sweet word, an epic joke, or evidence of something said for those "I told you so" moments. But the messages I'd print would be special events (birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.) messages. This book would be perfect.

Taj Burke said...

I'm a sucker for jokes and i have senseless friends lol so i would print my convos from the person(s) who keep me laughing any time we message each other. This way i could go back and read them anytime (esp when i'm feeling down) without having to scroll through my Whatsapp chat history.

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