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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Eight Things I've learnt Since Ive started my hair Transition journey

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

I've had my hair relaxed or chemically processed basically my whole life, the very first time my mom brought me to get my hair processed I was so young I had to sit on cushions so the hairdresser could reach me. For years I continued to process my hair, not really thinking about it just going along with it because thats all I knew.  Last September I made the decision to go back to my natural texture, I had been thinking about it for about three months, I have been doing it so far with the help of sew ins since I have decided I'm not doing the big chop and Im letting it grow out instead. Here are a couple of things I've learnt along the way:
1- If you ever decide to go back to your natural texture, you will know when don't try to convince yourself because everyone is doing it.

2 - No amount of Youtube videos you've watched or online blog forums will be able to prepare you for this journey 100%.

3 - Im seven months post relaxer right now and dealing with my transitioning hair has proven to be difficult. Something as simple as washing my hair has become a tedious all day task, my natural hair isn't the problem its my processed ends that keep matting and tangling. The two textures do not get along.

4 - I have asked myself so many times why don't I just get a perm and stop fooling myself. What if I don't like my natural hair what if it doesn't look like the girls on Tumblr of Pinterest or youtube? More days than not I feel like - I am my hair.

5 - I have fallen in love with my roots even though I'm just 7 months, I can see it a bit and Im excited to see what it will look like in a year.

Me after washing & Flat ironing my hair 7 months post (excuse the no makeup face)

6 - Every suggestion that you have read on line on how to deal with the transition will probably not work, I was told not to use heat at all and let the hair dry on its own. Let me tell you the biggest mistake I made was letting my hair dry on its own, COMPLETE TANGLED MESS!! I had to re-wet my hair blow dry it then flat iron or I would have had to get the scissors.

7- The only way I can transition is with the help of weaves and braids, its the only way I can stick to a low manipulation regime and deal with my difficult hair once every six weeks.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

8 - It's difficult to get advise because I have realized everybody's journey and everybody's hair is different. The best thing you can do is trial and error because no matter how much a fool proof technique has worked for some one else it might not work for you

I hope this helped somebody, or if anybody out there can relate to anything on my list please let me know. By the way Im always open to new advise :)
xoxo Lauren O Lauren

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