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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Vintage Princess

Let me just start with how extremely obsessed I am with this dress from Chi Chi London , I wore it into the city the other day just to be dramatic lol. It was a very cloudy rainy day and I felt like a ray of sunshine walking around in it. This is their Alyssa dress and it came just in time for the season,  a friend of mine is getting married in August,I think I'll wear this dress its absolutely perfect for the occasion.  I got a size 8, which is a bit bigger than I liked I should have gotten a 6, so I'll have to alter it a bit before I wear it again.

I love their website they have amazing lady like dresses, not the grandma type but the ones you and I like wearing, they specialize in evening, party, maxi and prom dresses. They have this white back pack that I need in my life, check them out and tell me what you like Click here to browse or Shop

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Winscribbles said...

dear, I lOVE this dress so much! it looks gorgeous on you. the print is floral but unique too :)


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