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Friday, April 3, 2015

Whats inside my Evening Bag

 When Im going out to dinner or a night on the town I don't like carrying big bags with me but I like when my bags have some room in them for the random stuff I carry around. I was never a credit card and phone type a gal.

I received this bag from an online store called Moooh and it has quickly become my go to bag.  For a number of different reasons, mainly the size of it makes it perfect for me to fit all my bobs and bits, and it has a stylish cross body strap so I can be more on the go and simple design of a word bubble with the word "Pop"  gets so much attention.

I don't think I carry around a lot of stuff, my cell phone two favorite lipsticks at the moment, some hand cream, my blogging camera, a mirror, sunnies and my wallet (Keys, perfume, chapstick & my mini lucky Happy Buddha doll). This cross body bag from MOOOH is a must have for any one who likes statement purses and the quality and price isn't bad either.

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