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Monday, September 8, 2014

Bring the 90's Back it was a good time

I've been a having a very busy weekend I took on the role of re organizing my entire closet and prep it for Fall. I took out a ton of stuff I wasn't wearing anymore and packed them in a white garbage bag for Good Will.
I have to make space in my closet my shopping addiction and holding on to things has always been a major problem of mine.  I reorganized my makeup and packed away my bikinis, Im ready for Fall. lol

I loved the 90's it was one of my favorite times to be honest I'm just a sucker for the goof ole days lol.
Today I felt like wearing acid wash high wash jeans with a graphic t shirt and who doesn't love Ninja Turtles!!! Pizza!!

I loved this look I had fun with this look that day and I topped it with some glittered oxfords. I was too cool.

Outfit Details 
Shirt - Forever 21
High Rise Jeans - Style Savvy (Kingston Jamaica)
Shoes - Steve Madden 
Bag - Steve Madden
Glasses -  Kroger
Watch - Michael Kors

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