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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fashion is Simplicity by Najeary Bennett

Chrissy Teigen  (photo credit "WhoWhatwear.Com)

Little is much, period!   Trendy is the last stage before tacky - Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel/FENDI)

In effort to be so "on point & trendy" a lot of folks have lost their individual sense of style and have become what I would call fashion-puppets.

What's with the Christmas tree efforts in getting dressed, just to go on a first date or even to the park with the kids. I must have missed the memo. While simplicity is relative, I do think the idea of 'little is much' is still relevant. Please research Audrey Hepburn.

Style Tip - Simplicity is chic!

1. Know yourself, accept the flaws & all - and no, this isn't about to turn into a motivational Oprah post.

2. Even if you can't define your personal style, try to identify looks you've worn over time and select that which makes you comfortable the most.

3. Know what's for you an what ISN'T.

4. Matching isn't the art of the fashion industry honey, you don't have to take on the ambassador responsibility. 

4. If your mind/mirror tells you you're looking like a Christmas tree, truth is - you are so take off a few stuff.

5. Embrace comfort

6. Don't ever leave the house with the clothes wearing you - always wear whatever it is on your body with your own personality and spark. You better WERK!

7. Accessories are vital, it's the easiest way to add life to your outfit - keep it moderate.

The LBD, the simple or no details tailored pants, those ride of die jeans, a few cocktail dresses, nude stiletto, pearls & red lipstick... Just a few of the basic essentials every female should have - these are also very important in maintaining that signature style of yours, know your basic essentials.
Keep a simple dressing regime that will definitely help you to stay true to yourself and also express your own style aesthetic that will certainly portray individuality and even originality.

Until next next time, love & light.

xo - NajearyB

Olivia Palermo (Photo Kristy Sparrow/ Getty Images)

Audrey Hepburn 
Audrey Hepburn 


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