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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Realistic Girl Trends you should Try.

Fashion is definitely a fabulous thing and it can get very expensive if you allow yourself to fully indulge, so today I wanted to write a different kind of post and kind of stray away from closet expectations to something I think every girl, no matter your age should do.

Keep a journal not just to write your deepest, darkest secrets but to make plans, to take note of things that are important. I think making plans and setting personal life goals are important at any age, male or female. 
Maybe you had a really good day write it down, reflect on it at a later day. Maybe something really bad happened write it down. If you're not a person who make personal goals start now, get a book and a pen. There's something therapeutic about writing, don't substitute it for a computer.

Step outside of your four walls, do things that are unlike you. Travel and not just by plane, but by bus,  car and foot. Designate adventure weekends every now and again do something and go somewhere. If you can't go anywhere read a book, its as close to traveling as it gets.

Focus on the good things in your life give them just as much energy and a little more as you do problems and drama that occur in your life. I have learnt that life is short but long enough for you to regret the things you have not done.

So go out there are do these realistic girl trends, buy flowers today and put them on your table look at them and smile.

xoxox Have a great week love bunnies.

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