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Monday, September 22, 2014

Shea Deep Conditioning Mask for Damaged Hair

Now I have been having ups and downs with my hair for the past 9 months. My hair has been growing thats for sure but I suffered from serious breaking and I'll admit I fell off of my hair care regime but not to the extent where my hair was breaking. The majority of the products I was using to care for my hair I can't get my hands on most of them.

So Last week I got a hair cut and I'm not quite fond of it but it was a hair cut that I needed, to handle the bad uneven ends that I have been experiencing. So Now Im going Ham on my hair care and ready to give my hair my attention again.  I purchased the Shea Moisture deep treatment mask from Walmart. I added some stuff from my kitchen and my bathroom cupboard lol.

I eye Balled the ingredients, so I used a regular spoon and spooned out about 4 to 5 spoons full of the Shea Mask, this was the base of my treatment. Then I poured about a spoonful and a half of olive oil, coconut oil and Jamaican Afro Chic caster oil with ginger mint.

Mixed everything together carefully applied it to my hair damp from roots to end put a plastic cap on and left it on my hair for about 4 hours. You don't have to do it that long but I didn't have a hair dryer and I happened to be cleaning my house that day.  I rinsed my hair then shampooed with a neutralizing shampoo once and then conditioned it, and let me tell you my hair feels amazing!!!

I definitely will be doing this twice a month, it even eased up my ever breaking hair, not a dramatic amount but a noticeable difference. My hair was so soft. 

I hope this helped somebody, I know I'm always on the market for hair tips lol
xoxox Lauren O Lauren

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Gilly Bop said...

I'm gonna try this my hair has been breaking as well sigh

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