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Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Favorite Beyonce Style Moments

Beyonce turns 33 today!! Aging is a very tricky thing for us women but with women like Beyonce, Jlo, Halle Berry and I could go on and on, they've made aging seem less scary to us ordinary women. I don't declare myself a Huge Beyonce fan, none the less I'm a fan and I've always admired her, even though I don't always agree with all of her style choices. I still love her I loved her when she was doing that whole too much bronzer make up look, to when she had those micro braids, to when she used to let her mom style her, Destiny's Child and the super big hair days, to today where she has completely discovered her style and owned it.

Beyonce has done so many different looks over the years, thats my favorite thing about celebrities when they change up their look. Its like living vicariously through them lol. Beyonce Might not be your cup of tea and that's fine, that's life. You win some you lose some.  Let me show you  some of my favorite looks worn by Beyonce over the years:

I love when Beyonce and Jay make a face at something in Unison. Its the funniest thing.

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