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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Get to Know Trish From TK Raffine | Ocho Rios #Jamaica

Meet Trish Ramsay of TK Raffine in Ocho Rios  

Now for many people who  live in Jamaica, Fashion only exists in Kingston but for the rest of us who make up the general consensus we know for a fact that Kingston only makes up a small portion of the fashionable Islands fashion demographic. It has been predicted that in the  next ten years Jamaica will become a solid member of the worlds Fashion Capitals, over the past five years Jamaica has given birth to many local designers including shoe makers designing original designs that are doing quite well overseas.
I would like to introduce to you a woman I have known since I was a child and can personally contest to her love of fashion and trendsetting ways, meet Trish Ramsay stylist, Makeup artist and owner of one of the most popular boutiques in Ocho Rios.

 Trish has dabbled in designing but at the moment she's carrying pieces that are designed by other designers both locally and International.

Trish is wearing a two piece that is available in her store.

LaurenOLauren: Who are your favorite fashion Icons?

Trish: Diane Von Furstenberg, Audrey Hepburn and Victoria Beckham because their style is timeless.

LaurenOLauren: If you ad 15 minutes to get ready  what would you wear, makeup and outfit?

Trish: Stilettos for sure  joggers and a denim shirt, I would wear a red lip ruby woo by Mac to be exact and I never leave the house without my eye liner, brows done and my sunglasses and I'm ready to go in 15 minutes.

Lauren O Lauren: Who are your costumers?

Trish: My base clientele are women who are self aware, confident and has no problem taking a fashion risk. Women who have an opinion and aren't afraid to voice them.

Lauren O Lauren: Your store is in Ocho Rios unlike most boutiques that are crammed together in Kingston. What are the advantages to your location?

Trish: Im in a tourist area so I immediately become an ambassador for my country, when tourists come off the ships into the Ocho Rios town I am sometimes their first point of contact, they see something in my window and they come in. I get locals as well as tourist, I have a prime location on mainstream so you can walk in or while you're driving stop by.

Lauren O Lauren: Why did you decide to open a store?

Trish: I have always loved fashion it's my first love and I'm a people person, but the truth is I love styling people. I wish I could personally dress everybody I mentally style people all the time in my mind.

Inside TK Raffine a look at the men's section.

Lauren O Lauren: Describe your personal style?

Trish: Very old world with a little bit of edge, I like the 40's, 80's and the 90's was a good time for fashion also.

Lauren  O Lauren: Your store caters to men and women, how do you shop for your male clients?

Trish: My guy is a very trendy guy, so he helps me with a lot of the selecting where that is concerned my male clients are very fashion forward.

This Christmas Trish is planning a fashion show and a Meet and Greet inside the store as well as unveil a couple new ideas for 2015, so all fashionistas are invited to stay close and come out. Keep up with Trish on social media 

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