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Monday, November 17, 2014

Green dresses, Patties and Road trips, sweet sweet Jamaica!

I Can't believe two weeks flew by just like that, my final week in Jamaica I spent it in my home town with my family. My trip was just too short I was having way too  much fun having been away from Jamaica for a year I was seeing Jamaica through a different pair of eyes, I was able to enjoy it stress free.

Outfit Details
Neon Cocktail Versai Dress - Everything Mahogany
Neckless - Forever 21
Bag - H&M
Sandals - Bridget Sandals
Earrings - Marsha Robinson's Beauty 
2 piece animal print Bikini  - Wet Swim by Denyque

Totally obsessed with this dress I got from Everything Mahogany online boutique it was perfect.


I was in the garden taking pictures  because I'm totally obsessed with this free dress I got from Everything Mahogany. This dress is perfect for the Jamaican weather and I felt like a member of the Spice Girls, so there I was taking a hundred pictures when my good friend Carlington Silburn who happens to be one of Jamaica's best Editors and Directors stopped by and brought me a bag of patties!!! Oh my God my day and my entire life was made, you haven't lived until you've had a Jamaican beef patty I don't care who you are.
The new highway still under construction but so breath taking and  beautiful 

Enroute to Discovery Bay.

Not sure where this was but it was right before we got to Ocho Rios 

My island is the prettiest quite honestly, leaving St.Ann's Bay

We got pulled over by police who were doing routine checks, they were very nice to us once they saw my camera, and even allowed me to take pictures.

I stopped by Denyque to pick up a sexy two piece bikini, Jamaican beaches are the BEST!!!

My mom roasted Breadfruit for me oh my god with every bite I took of my breadfruit and ackee and sailfish I thanked God for life, lol.
Over all my trip was much needed I had a great time and all the people I got to see made it special for me, I didn't get to see everybody though I just didn't have enough time and I was getting some business out of the way as well. So to all those who I didn't see please don't be upset with me, I'll be back before you know it and I'll make sure I see you first.

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